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"The Magical Motherhood of the Sea" by FELIX STOFFEL


Everything in existence is based on vibration. But although this fact has been scientifically researched, people cannot directly perceive such dynamic processes of their basis of existence. Our evolutionarily developed senses therefore always need spatial concepts in order to cognitively* capture and understand environmental processes.

From Easter 2023, Felix Stoffel’s triptych ‘The Magical Motherhood of the Sea’ will be on permanent loan in the Hotel Palazzo Salis in Soglio.

"Sound Garden" by PIUS MORGER

With his unique art concept "Sound Garden", the extraordinary Swiss artist, Pius Morger, conveys the dynamic world of vibrations to us in a fine and subtle, but above all attractive way. By creating a creative connection between the individual, the sound body and the environment.

The installation will be open to visitors throughout the summer season, from April to October.

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