¦10.04.2023 ¦ Meeting with the founder of cognitive art, FELIX STOFFEL.


Everything in existence is based on vibration. But although this fact has been scientifically researched, people cannot directly perceive such dynamic processes of their basis of existence. Our evolutionarily developed senses therefore always need spatial concepts in order to cognitively* capture and understand environmental processes.

From Easter 2023, Felix Stoffel’s triptych ‘The Magical Motherhood of the Sea’ will be on permanent loan in the Hotel Palazzo Salis in Soglio.

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Cognitive Art sees itself as an innovative heir to Cubism, Constructivism and Concrete Art. Accordingly, it wants to continue researching and developing their content for the new age of the information society.

The black square of the suprematist Kasimir Malevich (1878 to 1935) serves as a symbolic model. This completely abstract work (exhibited for the first time in 1915) can be described as the gateway between our sensually perceptible world and the vibrational sphere that is not directly accessible to us.

Its founder, the communication analyst and artist philosopher Felix Stoffel, invented and developed the FRACTAL perspective for this purpose. In principle, any vibration can be represented spatially in vectors with direction and magnitude.

This can offer constructive impulses, especially for those who are interested in the future, especially those who create art, to systematically deal with a new type of creative work. This is because the fractal perspective, like a craft, can be learned systematically and offers numerous application possibilities in various art forms, as well as because its constructive concept is based on both philosophical and scientific foundations.

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*Definition: COGNITION is the processing of information (such as that which conveys sensory stimuli from the environment to an individual and to the central nervous system) under the control and direction of a system for managing and organizing behavior.

The term is derived from the Latin 'cognoscere' and means: 'recognize', 'experience', explore or 'capture'.

Cognition is thus a rather inconsistently used term that refers to the way in which data is processed by humans and other systems. This often also means the overall, neocortical and therefore rational thinking with its six fundamental attributes, which includes all functions:

- Perception (= absorption of physical-chemical stimuli from the environment via the sense organs)

- Memorization (= testing and confirmation of genetically stored memory fragments in the DNA double helix of the cell nucleus)

- Saving (= chemical-molecular encoding of sensory stimuli that have arrived that are not yet available as stored memories)

- The association (= involuntary or subconscious networking of decoded individual memories to higher and individually shaped units of knowledge)

- Analyzing (= conscious deduction/breaking down larger information complexes into smaller data sets)

- Synthesizing (= conscious induction/merging of smaller data sets into larger information complexes).

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